What kind of psychologists would we be if we didn't have a resource page? Here you will find a list of books and other resources that we mention in the podcast.

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Episode 1 Introduction

No resources here! Just a fun intro to who we are, why we started this podcast and what to expect.

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BONUS Episode Psychopathy

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), American Psychological Association

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, Dr. Robert D. Hare

The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout PhD

Enrico Ferri, criminologist,

James Fallon, neuroscientist,

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Episode 2 Double Lives

*see resources listed for previous episode


Episode 3 Hunting Minds

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Crime Classification Manual, John E. Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, Robert K. Ressler


Episode 4 Writing Minds- Jennifer Haley Interview

Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives, Robert K. Ressler, Ann Burgess, John E. Douglas

The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues About the So-Called Psychopathic Personality, Hervey M. Cleckly


Episode 5 Paraphilias

A Billon Wicked Thoughts, by Ogi Ogas & Sai Gaddam

The Voyeur's Motel, by Gay Talese

James Cantor- psychologist and sex expert,

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), American Psychological Association

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Episode 6 Therapists in Entertainment

*Under construction


Episode 7 Cults in California

*Under construction


Episode 8 Light My Fire

Burned: Pyromania, Murder, and a Daughter's Nightmare, by Frank Girardot and Lori Kovach Orr

The Voyeur's Motel, by Gay Talese

No Stone Unturned: The True Story of the World's Premier Forensic Investigators, by Steve Jackson

Fire Lover, by Joe Wambaugh

Report on the Firefighter Arson Problem: Context, Considerations and Best Practices, National Volunteer Fire Council

Douglas et al’s (2006) Crime Classification Manual

Special Report: Firefighter Arson, January 2003


Episode 9 Emmy Awards Special

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

The Alienist


Episode 10 Never Marry a Peterson

The Staircase

Criminal podcast Episode 1


Episode 11 The Exorcist- Crossover with Hollyweird Paranormal

Hollyweird Paranormal podcast

The Haunted Boy book

The Exorcist File documentary

Paul Bateson’s IMDB page



BONUS Episode The Exorcist Superfan

Opsasnik, M. The Haunted Boy of Cottage City: The Cold Hard Facts Behind the story that inspired “The Exorcist.” Strange Magazine, parts 1-5.

Opsasnik, M. The Real Story Behind The Exorcist: A Study of The haunter Boy and Other True-Life Horror Legends From Around the Nation’s Capital. 2006


Episode 12 Multiple Personality Disorder is Not a Thing

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), American Psychological Association

The Sinner

The Keepers


Episode 13 Incels


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Episode 14 Was the Unabomber an Incel? Ret. FBI Profiler James R. Fitzgerald Interview

Journey to the Center of the Mind: Book 1, by James R. Fitzgerald

Journey to the Center of the Mind: Book 2, by James R. Fitzgerald

Journey to the Center of the Mind: The “First Ten” FBI Years (Volume 3), by James R. Fitzgerald

Manhunt: Unabomber


Episode 15 Highway Serial Killings

The Killing Season

The Lost Girls book


Episode 16 So You Want To Be A Forensic Psychologist?

*Under construction


Episode 17 Falsifying Crimes & Personality Disorders

*Under construction


Episode 18 The Amanda Know Saga

*Under construction


Episode 19 Frank Lloyd Wright & His Dark Connections to L.A.


Episode 20 Columbine: 20 Years Later


BONUS Episode Resiliency After Trauma

*Under construction


Episode 21 Wrongfully Accused Parents

*Under construction


Episode 22 Anthony Sowell & Sex Offender Risk Assessment

*Under construction


Episode 23 Listener Questions

*Under construction


Episode 24 LGBTQ+ Victims

New York Times, 1979, Murderer of a Writer Is Implicated in Cases Of Unsolved Slayings


Episode 25 Stalking: The Crime of the 90’s




The Gift of Fear

Paladin National Stalking Agency


Episode 26 Mary Kay Letourneau- Crossover with Getting Off, Part 2

Female Sex Offenders, Center for Sex Offender Management, March 2007

Assessing female sexual offenders’ motivations and cognitions: An exploratory study, Beech, 2007

Typologies of female sex offenders; Matthews, Matthews, & Speltz, 1989

Recidivism among female sex offenders,Bader 2010,

The Recidivism Rates of Female Sexual Offenders Are Low: A Meta-Analysis, Cortoni et al., 2010

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 2006 National Report,


Episode 27 Stockholm Syndrome

Incel study, Dr. Jaki
Sweet Hostage clip:
Stockholm syndrome: psychiatric diagnosis or urban myth? M. Namnyak, N. Tufton, R. Szekely,
M. Toal, S. Worboys, E. L. Sampson Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Hampstead Campus, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK
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STOCKHOLM SYNDROME AS VERNACULAR RESOURCE tsq_1241 454..474 The Sociological Quarterly ISSN 0038-0253, Michael Adorjan* University of Hong Kong, Tony Christensen Wilfrid Laurier University, Benjamin Kelly Nipissing University, Dorothy Pawluch McMaster University
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Stockholm Syndrome, Correctional Mental Health Report, 2010
Seeing the Victim before you: A New Understanding of the Identification of Human Trafficking, Bellows, 2013


Episode 28 Folie a Deux: The Madness of Two

Madness in the Fast Lane, BBC

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR Fourth Edition (Text Revision) 4th (forth) edition Paperback, 2001, by American Psychiatric Association (Author)

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Episode 29 Stockholm Syndrome Revisited

An Oral History of 9/11, by Garrett M. Graff Resources: Cantor, C. & Price, J. (2007).

Traumatic entrapment, appeasement and complex post-traumatic stress disorder; evolutionary perspectives of hostage reactions, domestic abuse and the Stockholm Syndrome.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Personal communication with Dr. John Leipsic 9/6/19, 9/11/19 Girl in the Box (2016)


Episode 30 Intimate Partner Homicide
Jackie Ellis,1 Chris Dowrick Mari Lloyd-Williams: The long-term impact of early parental death: lessons from a narrative study;J R Soc Med. 2013 Feb; 106(2): 57–67.
doi: 10.1177/0141076812472623