What kind of psychologists would we be if we didn't have a resource page? Here you will find a list of books and other resources that we mention in the podcast.


season 1

Basically every episode of Snapped.png

ep. 1.5- psychopathy

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), American Psychological Association

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, Dr. Robert D. Hare

The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout PhD


 ep. 3- Hunting Minds

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Crime Classification Manual, John E. Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, Robert K. Ressler


Ep4 image.PNG

ep. 4- Writing Minds

Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives, Robert K. Ressler, Ann Burgess, John E. Douglas

The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues About the So-Called Psychopathic Personality, Hervey M. Cleckly




EP. 5- Paraphilias

A Billon Wicked Thoughts, by Ogi Ogas & Sai Gaddam

The Voyeur's Motel, by Gay Talese

James Cantor- psychologist and sex expert,


Season 2

Ep. 1- Light my fire

Burned: Pyromania, Murder, and a Daughter's Nightmare, by Frank Girardot and Lori Kovach Orr

The Voyeur's Motel, by Gay Talese

No Stone Unturned: The True Story of the World's Premier Forensic Investigators, by Steve Jackson

Fire Lover, by Joe Wambaugh


EP. 4.5- Halloween Bonus Episode: The Exorcist Superfan

Opsasnik, M. The Haunted Boy of Cottage City: The Cold Hard Facts Behind the story that inspired “The Exorcist.” Strange Magazine, parts 1-5.

Opsasnik, M. The Real Story Behind The Exorcist: A Study of The haunter Boy and Other True-Life Horror Legends From Around the Nation’s Capital. 2006


ep. 7- Was the Unabomber an incel? Interview with ret. FBI profiler James R. Fitzgerald

Journey to the Center of the Mind: Book 1, by James R. Fitzgerald

Journey to the Center of the Mind: Book 2, by James R. Fitzgerald

Journey to the Center of the Mind: The “First Ten” FBI Years (Volume 3), by James R. Fitzgerald