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A Distant Mentality Blog

Dr. Shiloh announces the debut of the podcast via her travel/ career blog, A Distant Mentality. Check it out HERE.


True crime podcast festival 2019

L.A. Not So Confidential will be making an appearance at the 2019 True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago! Check out the 'registered podcasts' page HERE to see who else will be there and to GET YOUR TICKETS!


The Fincher Analyst blog

The Fincher Analyst is a site dedicated to the tradecraft and work of renowned director David Fincher. In this article, our interview with Mindhunter writer, Jennifer Haley, is highlighted along with another podcast interview with her from 2017. Read the full article HERE.


The Docs


Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott is licensed in the state of California as both a Clinical Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist and works in a forensic capacity with law enforcement in Los Angeles.

Dr. Scott has worked as a Law Enforcement Psychologist, a Clinical Psychologist at the Los Angeles County Jail and in the California Department of Corrections. Dr. Scott has specialized education in family forensics, specialized populations, crisis intervention training, family therapy, anxiety disorders and identity development. He provides psycho-education to law enforcement officers and mental health clinicians as part of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Mental Health Intervention Training.

He previously worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry including casting and production. Dr. Scott holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara, a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a dual major BA from Birmingham – Southern College.

Scott is currently in recovery from a moderate World of Warcraft addiction that was abruptly ended after receiving insults from a 10 year old German child about the poor state of his armor.

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Dr. Shiloh

Dr. Shiloh is a California Licensed Psychologist. She is currently a law enforcement psychologist in Los Angeles where she provides clinical services, organizational consultation & training and is part of the crisis negotiation team.

Dr. Shiloh also specializes in Forensic Psychology in her private practice where she provides clinical services and assessments for individuals facing the criminal justice system. She spent 11 years working with high-risk sexual offenders, along side probation and parole. She has presented on the topics of sex offender management, risk and treatment nationally and internationally.

Dr. Shiloh was formerly “Officer Shiloh” when she was a police officer for a small department in the greater Los Angeles area. She was a patrol officer, a background investigator, and the terrorism liaison officer.

She is the creator of the travel and career blog A Distant Mentality where she writes travel diaries of her trips, highlights goings-on around LA and passes on career advice about the professional psychology world.

Aside from true crime, she is into all things Japanese-pop culture, coffee, Disney and the desert.