forensic psych

28. Folie A Deux: The Madness of Two

Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh provide a quick recap of Delusional Disorder before getting into the definition of a shared delusion or psychosis: Folie A Deux, also known as The Madness of Two. The docs talk about the bizarre true stories of The Eriksson Twins and the Slender Man assault. They also review an X-Files episode on the phenomenon as well as the movies Bug and Heavenly Creatures.

23. Listener Questions

You asked- we answered!

The docs update you on their recent training and answer listener questions about how they met, their favorite episodes, their views on the exploitative nature of true crime entertainment, upcoming topics ands tons of other stuff.

16. So You Want to be a Forensic Psychologist?

You’ve asked, so we answered! We cover all things forensic psychology in this “nerd alert” episode. This is for you if you are considering graduate school, want to know more about the legal system and psychology, want to know how the doctors found themselves here, plus some details about types of therapy and evaluations forensic psychologists conduct on a daily basis.

6. Therapists in Entertainment

In this episode, Dr. Shiloh and Dr. Scott spend some time discussing the depictions of mental health professionals in TV and film, as well as some non-fiction "psychotherapists." They take some of your suggestions from social media and touch on some of their favorites including Stepbrothers and Color of Night. They discuss the ethical considerations and reality of these not so realistic characters.