S1 E7 Cults in California

Dr. Scott and Dr. Shiloh discuss the history of cults in Southern California and highlight some of the more historical and infamous groups from the Golden State. Dr. Scott tells his own story about being approached by the leader of Buddhafield (of Holy Hell fame) & Dr. Shiloh gives us some insight into the psychological profile of someone who joins a cult. 

S1 E6 Therapists in Entertainment

In this episode, Dr. Shiloh and Dr. Scott spend some time discussing the depictions of mental health professionals in TV and film, as well as some non-fiction "psychotherapists." They take some of your suggestions from social media and touch on some of their favorites including Stepbrothers and Color of Night. They discuss the ethical considerations and reality of these not so realistic characters.   

S1 E4 Writing Minds- Jennifer Haley Interview

Forensic psychologists, Dr. Scott and Dr. Shiloh, interview award-winning playwright Jennifer Haley who was a writer on Season 1 of Netflix's 2017 hit Mindhunter. In their first interview episode, they dive into the excitement and obstacles of bringing John Douglas' book to life and dish on several story arcs that leave us not-so-patiently waiting for Season 2! What's with Wendy and that cat? Will there be a musical episode to see Jonathon Groff in action? 


S1 E2 Double Lives

Dr. Scott and Dr. Shiloh get into some infamous and more recent cases of individuals who have led double lives and how pathological lying plays a major role. They review the Laci Peterson murder, including Scott Peterson's double life, and how closely his behaviors mimic psychopathic individuals. Additionally, the docs take a look at new doubts in Scott Peterson's guilt and alternate theories of Laci's disappearance and murder.