29. Stockholm Syndrome Revisited

After coming upon some further research, the doctors bring you this follow-up to episode #27 on Stockholm Syndrome. Please listen to the prior episode first for a historical perspective and what preliminary research says about the phenomenon. This episode highlights the evolution of the term and how it is most often being applied to forensic cases today that involve prolonged entrapment.

28. Folie A Deux: The Madness of Two

Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh provide a quick recap of Delusional Disorder before getting into the definition of a shared delusion or psychosis: Folie A Deux, also known as The Madness of Two. The docs talk about the bizarre true stories of The Eriksson Twins and the Slender Man assault. They also review an X-Files episode on the phenomenon as well as the movies Bug and Heavenly Creatures.

27. Stockholm Syndrome

The doctors do a deep dive into Stockholm Syndrome by covering the original case, the lack of validated criteria for the concept, the evolution of how it is used and a few terrible films depicting the relationships between captors and hostages.

26. Mary Kay Letourneau crossover with Getting Off, Part 2


Re-recorded "live" show with the Getting Off podcast from the 2019 True Crime Podcast Festival. Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh discuss psychological and legal points to the fascinating Mary Kay Letourneau case with attorneys Nick and Jessa from the Getting Off podcast. This crossover touches on the facts of the case as well as specific psychological issues, how the legal proceedings unfolded, and facts about female sex offenders. The double standard of the criminal justice system is highlighted thoughout the episode.

25. Stalking: The Crime of the 90's

The docs are back after a July break and they catch us up on the True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago! Dr. Shiloh & Dr. Scott discuss stalking, the crime of the 90's, and the psychologcial concepts behind it for the victim and the perpetrator. They touch on Rebecca Schaeffer, the Tarasoff rule, delusional disorder & celebrity stalking in LA. Dr. Scott shares yet another professional dance story that involves stalking and a Disney rabbit hole. Dr. Shiloh regresses to high school to converse about 90's teen movies Fear and The Crush.

24. LGBTQ+ Victims

It's Pride month and it has been 50 years since the Stonewall riots. Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh continue to highlight marginalized victims by covering several serial & mass killings in which the victims, perpetrators or motives were part of the LGBTQ+ community. Included are the Trash Bag Murders of NYC, Jeffery Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Bruce MacArthur and the missing men of Toronto's Gay Village, and the mysterious circumstances of Ed Buck in Los Angeles.

23. Listener Questions

You asked- we answered!

The docs update you on their recent training and answer listener questions about how they met, their favorite episodes, their views on the exploitative nature of true crime entertainment, upcoming topics ands tons of other stuff.