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The Ron Burgundy Podcast Features Dr. Scott!

I’m sure you all have heard that the much-anticipated Ron Burgundy podcast debuted today! We all need a lot of light to balance the dark stuff we listen to and we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit. Well, what is even more exciting is that Episode 1- True Crime, features your beloved Dr. Scott!

Late last year, we got the call to assist Mr. Burgundy in understanding what forensic psychology is all about. Of course we were thrilled to bring our expertise to such a broadcast legend! We wandered down to the Hollywood studio, not quite knowing what to expect, but all of the folks at the How Stuff Works network were great.

It was a cringe-worthy experience to watch Dr. Scott in that studio with Mr. Burgundy (“What is he going to ask next?!”), but I think my co-host helped clarify a few things about forensic psychology for Ron & Carolina. It is a hilarious take on a true crime podcast episode; we know you’ll love it!

-Dr. Shiloh