Network Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of the Crawlspace Media family!

One of our early 2019 goals was to join a network, but then we changed our minds after hearing others’ experiences and decided to not actively pursue any networks while we continued to build our exposure and further develop who we are as a podcast. But then, the True Crime Podcast Festival happened and we were able to meet Tim Pilleri in person and the rest is podcast history. We have found the perfect fit for our show and couldn’t be in better company.

If you are not familiar with Crawlspace Media, this is the network by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna who have brought you the podcasts Missing Maura Murray, Crawlspace, Empty Frames, Beyond Strange World and the soon to be released Free John Giuca. The genre of their network has primarily been focused on true crime, with some venturing out into the paranormal with Beyond Strange World, which is the companion podcast to the new Travel Network show, Strange World.

Crawlspace Media also brings you Criminal Perspective with Chris Duett & Andrew Dodge, which includes their interviews with persons convicted of murder, interviews with criminal justice professionals and commentary on other personal interactions with violent criminals.

The True Crime Twins, Chloe & Melina Cantor also have psychology academic backgrounds and field experiences and bring those insights to a variety of true crime stories and cases.

We are particularly excited about the new show Incel because of our previous interest in this topic. Host Naama Kates takes a deep dive into the the incel community and is able to interview more members than anyone in the academic or criminal justice community. Through her extensive research and interviews, she brings thoughtful understanding, awareness and empathy that challenges all of our preconceived notions.

As you can tell, we are pretty excited to be in the company of such like-minded, yet vastly different creators. And probably the best part- we will all be in one place at the first American Crime Fest this November in Wildwood, New Jersey. This event is co-produced by Crawlspace Media and L.A. Not So Confidential will be doing a live presentation with Sarah Turney, whose sister’s disappearance has been the case covered on the podcasts Missing Alissa and Voices for Justice.


True Crime Podcast Festival 2019 Recap


It’s been one month since the 1st annual True Crime Podcast Festival and we feel like it took us this long to recover and put some fun things into motion as a result. We had the best time and want to sincerely thank the organizers for a memorable event.

It would be difficult to list everyone that we got to chat with, geek-out with, drink with and laugh with but here are some of the most memorable moments for us:

Our first night in Chicago, we watched a bit of Forensic Files in the room and then went out to The Arrogant Frog Bar to watch the crossover show with (our other half) Getting Off and Ignorance Was Bliss. It was our first time meeting Nick & Jessa and Kate in person and a really cool, boozy way to start the weekend!


Saturday morning we got up super early, like the proper nerds that we are, and found our spot in the podcast “meet and greet” room, soaking in the quiet before the whirlwind day that lay before us. Good thing too, because we were able to finally meet Tim Pilleri of Missing Maura Murray and the Crawlspace Media Network before he was whisked away to participate in panels and talk with other fans. We were so fortunate to spend lots of time with our amazing table partner, Criminologist & Professor Amy Shlosberg of the Direct Appeal podcast. It was non-stop talking about our respective jobs and podcasts in between talking to other people (There were other people in the room?). We are now big fans of her podcast and hope to collaborate soon.

A cool surprise was meeting Jules Hannaford of the Hong Kong Confidential podcast; a sister podcast that we had never heard of! We were honored that she interviewed both of us during the day for her new podcast based on her book, Fool Me Twice, about being duped by a romantic interest in the digital world. Finally, we ran in to some new family members, our honorary podcast nieces, Olivia and Mack from Death By Champagne (we’ll give you ALL the advice)! We adore these St. Louis ladies and it was a moment that exemplified this event- gathering with people who you know- but don’t…love that we get to consider so many talented people friends.


And then it was show time!

It felt like our live podcast with Getting Off covering the Mary Kay Letourneau case was over as quickly as it started. The room was packed and everyone was so great with their non-verbal feedback, generous laughter, and excellent questions. We felt like we covered everything we wanted to and gave the audience equal parts of our complimentary shows. We all appreciate the attentiveness and were inspired by the crowd’s passion.

Unfortunately, our audio was not fully captured, so we have re-recorded the case for you. Part 1 will be released by Getting Off on Wednesday August 14th and Part 2 will be released on L.A. Not So Confidential on Wednesday August 21st.


Somehow we found time to eat, grab some wine and debrief with Nick & Jessa and then got ready for the evening activities. This was another chance to connect with some fantastic people that we really cherish as part of our entire podcasting experience. We were able to spend a bit more time with Michelle of UnSubs Central. If you are in the social media world of true crime, you know that Michelle is our community’s biggest cheerleader. She is a writer and fan who channels all of that passion into a book and film review blog that will keep you reading for hours. She is a doll and we are better people for knowing her in person.

Hands down the most fun part of the festival was saved for last- the brain child of the sweet and snarky (but mostly sweet) Rebekah Sebastian, Yellow Tape True Crime Trivia! We had been stalking this live trivia gig on social media for awhile wondering, “What the hell is it and why is it not HERE?” So finally getting to experience it at the end of the event was an absolute highlight. Seriously, it could have gone on for 2 more hours and it would not have been enough! We got to spend a little extra time with Rebekah and her lovely husband over a late dinner, learning all about each other’s true crime origins. And as if she wasn’t busy enough- her podcast, Die-Alogue: A true crime conversation, started up two weeks ago and it’s off to a phenomenal start! Let’s start a petition to bring Yellow Tape to L.A. because we need more of Rebekah in our lives!


True Crime Podcast Festival certainly added to our whirlwind 2019 and was a kick-ass way to get our live show feet wet.

See you in 2020!

Lit Fest Pasadena 2019

L.A. Not So Confidential will appear at Lit Fest Pasadena on May 19th!

We are excited to be on the True Crime panel, which will be hosted by Frank Girardot, author of Burned: Pyromania, Murder, and A Daughter’s Nightmare. Other panelists include Steve Hodel, author of The Black Dahlia Avenger and former LAPD homicide detective, the White Wine True Crime podcast and Burl Barer, host of Outlaw Radio’s True Crime Uncensored. Please come see us if you are local! We’d love to connect IRL.

Details for time and location will follow on our social media.

IG: @lanotsopodcast

Twitter: @lanotsopod


The Ron Burgundy Podcast Features Dr. Scott!

I’m sure you all have heard that the much-anticipated Ron Burgundy podcast debuted today! We all need a lot of light to balance the dark stuff we listen to and we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit. Well, what is even more exciting is that Episode 1- True Crime, features your beloved Dr. Scott!

Late last year, we got the call to assist Mr. Burgundy in understanding what forensic psychology is all about. Of course we were thrilled to bring our expertise to such a broadcast legend! We wandered down to the Hollywood studio, not quite knowing what to expect, but all of the folks at the How Stuff Works network were great.

It was a cringe-worthy experience to watch Dr. Scott in that studio with Mr. Burgundy (“What is he going to ask next?!”), but I think my co-host helped clarify a few things about forensic psychology for Ron & Carolina. It is a hilarious take on a true crime podcast episode; we know you’ll love it!

-Dr. Shiloh


Wrapping up 2018

Season Two is off to a great start and we are pretty proud of ourselves that we have been able to consistently bring you two episodes a month and sneak in a Halloween bonus episode! We’ve touched on some interesting criminal behavior like arson and serial murders, as well as some fascinating psychological concepts from the not-too-distant past and those that are just emerging. I don’t know how we managed, but we also had a great crossover episode with Hollyweird Paranormal on The Exorcist!

As we end the year, we are going to bring you one last episode in December that is going to marry our episode on Incels with the most notorious serial bomber/ killer in history: Ted Kaczynski. This may be the first time, anywhere, that these topics have been merged in a way that direct comparisons are being made to answer the question: “Is the Unabomber an Incel?”

Even more exciting, we have an unbelievable guest and FBI legend joining us to help us discuss! So, before we spill ALL of the beans, make sure you listen to Episode 6 and catch up on the miniseries Manhunt: Unabomber (now on Netflix) in the next couple of weeks.

This is not the end to Season Two, but we are going to concentrate on the holidays and our loved ones in December and already have great episodes planned for January!


Manhunt banner.PNG

True Crime Podcast Festival 2019

We know it’s only October and you are all probably settling into Fall but we want you to start thinking about Summer of 2019. The doctors of L.A. Not So Confidential will be at the first annual True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago to “meet and greet” you! This festival is uniquely designed to get true crime podcast buffs up close and personal with many of their favs, while enjoying some exciting festivities.

Some shows will be selected to do live episodes or panel discussions, so here’s what we’d like you to do. If you agree that we need a bit more national attention, you can help us out by:

1) Mention us on Twitter and tag @tcpf2019. Let them know if you would like to see us record live or be involved in a panel discussion- or both!

2) If you are attending, please list us in the appropriate space when you purchase your tix.

3) Continue to tell your friends to listen and subscribe!

Dr. Scott and I are so grateful for each and every one of you. We love bringing you a little bit of fun and knowledge about these crazy things that we are all interested in. Thank you for being our kind of people!

Hope to see you in Chicago!


Season 2

Hey LANSC fans!

The first episode of Season Two is going to be released in a matter of weeks (likely the first of September). We have tons of things planned for this podacast year including new logo art by the wickedly talented CleverHawk (you can find her on our Credits page). We are also going to be running some promos on some of your other favorite podcasts and plan a collaboration with the "other dynamic duo" at the Hollyweird Paranormal podcast

And of course, we have some fantastic content planned for you so you can get your forensic psych- true crime- entertainment fill! 

We are going to utilyze this spcae to bring you updates, but make sure to follow us on social media for in-the-moment updates, to follow us through some of our work, and more. 

IG: @lanotsopodcast

Twitter: @lanotsopod



Bye guys!

Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh