True Crime Podcast Festival 2019

We know it’s only October and you are all probably settling into Fall but we want you to start thinking about Summer of 2019. The doctors of L.A. Not So Confidential will be at the first annual True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago to “meet and greet” you! This festival is uniquely designed to get true crime podcast buffs up close and personal with many of their favs, while enjoying some exciting festivities.

Some shows will be selected to do live episodes or panel discussions, so here’s what we’d like you to do. If you agree that we need a bit more national attention, you can help us out by:

1) Mention us on Twitter and tag @tcpf2019. Let them know if you would like to see us record live or be involved in a panel discussion- or both!

2) If you are attending, please list us in the appropriate space when you purchase your tix.

3) Continue to tell your friends to listen and subscribe!

Dr. Scott and I are so grateful for each and every one of you. We love bringing you a little bit of fun and knowledge about these crazy things that we are all interested in. Thank you for being our kind of people!

Hope to see you in Chicago!


Season 2

Hey LANSC fans!

The first episode of Season Two is going to be released in a matter of weeks (likely the first of September). We have tons of things planned for this podacast year including new logo art by the wickedly talented CleverHawk (you can find her on our Credits page). We are also going to be running some promos on some of your other favorite podcasts and plan a collaboration with the "other dynamic duo" at the Hollyweird Paranormal podcast

And of course, we have some fantastic content planned for you so you can get your forensic psych- true crime- entertainment fill! 

We are going to utilyze this spcae to bring you updates, but make sure to follow us on social media for in-the-moment updates, to follow us through some of our work, and more. 

IG: @lanotsopodcast

Twitter: @lanotsopod



Bye guys!

Dr. Scott & Dr. Shiloh